Sunday, June 11, 2017

Psychedelic Branches

This piece is a fun direction I'm heading- painting on silk!  Today I volunteered with the San Diego Silk Guild at the San Diego Festival of the Arts and we offered a hands-on experience for all visitors.  It was fun to see all the creativity from different people- so diverse.

I hadn't planned to create there but then, when Suz suggested I paint one, I realized this is my Sunday's Not-So-Sacred offering, as I didn't think much, and just painted the gutta on, then mixed colours around the space and then mixed the grey purple for the leaves and was done!  I love that even though I finished, the salt continued to do it's magic- pulling the colours all over the place!

I can't wait to continue to explore painting on silk and I have so many ideas for my fall silk scarf line that will be coming out and available this year. (Here's a clue: organics and geometrics...)

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Rainy Day on a World With Three Suns

This piece is pretty much what this challenge is all about- playing, trying new things, being okay with a mess and then making a judgment call about when it's "done". I have been enjoying creating variations on geometric shapes, and plan to doodle more this summer to build my repertoire and find new combos I like.

Who knows whether this is "done" but being happy with the process, adding and playing and then letting go is what life is all about, right?

Besides, this abstract piece feels like reality on a new world- when there are three suns burning through the clouds, anything is possible!

Enjoy your week!

Peaceful Geofloral

This is so simple, yet so much of what I've been exploring- new techniques and the combo of geometrics and florals. I tried the technique of painting the image first with water, then filling in the water with pigment, which bends and bleeds and moves around randomly.  It is also a bit of a trust, since it is hard to see where the water is, that you are trying to fill with colour.

I love the combo of these colours (you may have guessed, looking at all my work!)  These paints blended so nicely.

Wishing you a peaceful week!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Silence Is Golden

This morning's walk along the water inspired this.  So many succulents and agave are in bloom and their giant stalks are such lovely silhouettes!  I love this simple and elegant style, and will probably continue to make more, since there are so many beautiful botanicals to try out!

I also need to continue to play with ink and water.  Those ombre mountains were so much fun to play with.  This is still a game of "let it be" rather than continuing to "fix".  Perfect companion for this challenge, right?

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dream Warrior

This weekend I had fun blowing expensive watercolour around... But more on that later.  

This painting began as a sketch, then I added watercolour and it seemed like a painted study that I have often done.  So that's where I asked myself, "What else?"

I used a polka dot roller and also a pencil with a brand new eraser as a stamp to make the blue bubbles.  I'm having fun embellishing and somehow the word warrior is coming often to me.  What does that mean?  

I'm having fun incorporating more words into my pieces.  Looking at this I wonder if I need to push further, but for now, I like the simplicity-and the calmness of her gaze.

Growing more fearless each day of this challenge.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Be Here Now

Regardless of being super busy this weekend and having technical issues, I did keep to my challenge!  Now I am a few days late posting it, but I was on time with making sure I am regularly finishing a piece.  I started this one long ago, and this challenge has helped me to "just do it"!

Somehow these quiet moments that I am striving to make sacred in my own life are coming onto the page.  Do yo see a theme here?  I am starting to!

On a side note, I just realized that the background colours were smeared on with a credit card, and this may be a subliminal commentary on finding other uses for our credit cards!  ;) 

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fearless Reader

Who knew a little superhero would emerge today?  

This background was one of three I made from an explosive paint incident.  I have been wanting to do more with figures, and when I did, I wasn't fully happy that she was carrying a basic clutch.  So I turned it into a book and she seemed so confident, that the words seemed right.

Are you a fearless reader?  

I've been reading a lot on many topics, and plan to continue, so maybe if I was a superhero, this could be me...

Enjoy your week!