Saturday, January 28, 2017

All parts of the whole

This week I continue to let go, enjoy the moment and not worry so much about the outcome of my art.  I have been thinking about collage a lot, and incorporating beautiful papers, so I enjoyed using these triangles.  

The words came to me, wanting to convey something about us being parts of a bigger whole.  This sunburst shape gave me the last sentence.  Imperfect, growing, trying to navigate a stormy world, the sun shines on us all, so are we so different after all?

Wishing you moments of connection and feeling a part of a bigger picture. 

Enjoy your week!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Together, We Are Strong

In the vein of letting go and freeing up, today I did what I love to do with watercolour- 
play with lines and balance.  

Of course, important messages and statements are swirling around my mind, after spending a rejuvenating march with maybe 40,000 other humans who took a stand for humanity today here in San Diego.  

So today, these lines that I often paint felt like they were representing the people of the world coming together. Let's stand- for all we believe that humanity can be and hold it true.  Embody love, hope and unity to model positive energy for our future generations!  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Sea Emerges

Here's my second week's endeavor of this year's weekly challenge to flow, relax and be with a painting and not overthink it.  This one I was thinking would have a word or phrase on it, but then I loved the movement and subtleties I captured and decided to let it be "done".  It's much more pastel than I've done before, but feels great in person.

I love the ocean so much, it makes total sense that when I relax and let go, the sea emerges...

Enjoy your weekend!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Simplicity: The First Not-So-Precious-Saturday post!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have been pondering what my new creative steps would be for 2017, and I am excited to finally share my plans! 

When I began the 2106 Creative Quote challenge, my goal was to foster consistency, to ensure that I made creating a priority for myself, and I am proud of a full year of quotes! 

For this year I asked myself what I most need in order to go deeper, and I realized it is about not holding so tight to beautiful parts of the creative process so much that I become stuck and don't finish a piece. 

So- this year's challenge is called Not-So-Precious-Saturdays: to remember that each layer is a journey, and nothing is so precious that it stops me from moving forward or discovering the piece's full potential. It is also about saying I'm done to a piece, rather than putting it indefinitely on hold because I'm not quite sure how to proceed and am afraid to "ruin" it.

This piece: This is acrylic on wood with ink, stamping and a golden paper triangle.  I enjoyed leaving some of the wood showing through, and the word just felt like the right element and is so apropos for my life right now.  I am going for more intention, more discernment and less of what I don't fully believe in.  It was lovely working on this wood panel- so sleek and inviting!

I am looking forward to challenging myself to get messy this year, and I imagine some Creative Quotes will still be an added bonus here and there! Thanks for all of your support and feedback! 

Sending out lots of love!