February Flower-A-Day!

This month I am giving myself another challenge: to practice drawing a new type of flower a day.  I hope it will help me practice new shapes and angles of flowers, since I love drawing and painting nature!

I began with the daisy to get it "out of my system"- it's something I can draw and also one that is sometimes the "go-to" and stereotypical flower shape.  I hope that this will be my starting line, and then by the end of the month, I will be more comfortable drawing alternate and unique shapes!

If you are out there and are joining me in February Flower A Day- I hope you will comment on my Palmsprout Facebook page!  Enjoy the beauty and inspiration of nature!

February 1- Daisy

February 2- Globe Flower

Day 3- Fuschia

Day 4- Bird of Paradise

Day 5- Freesia
Day 6- Coneflower

Day 7- Spiderwort

Day 8-Snowdrops

Day 9- Iris

Day 10- Calla Lily

Day 11- Dahlia

Day 12- Rose

Day 13- Black Eyed Susan Vine

Day 14- California Poppy

Day 15- Lily of the Valley
Day 16- Firespike

Day 17- Lavender

Day 18- Lotus

Day 19- Echeveria

Day 20- Hibiscus

Day 21- Queen Anne's Lace

Day 22- Chicory

Day 23- Desert Lily

Day 24- Matilija Poppy

Day 25- Yucca

Day 26- Dogwood

Day 27- Pansy

Day 28- Sunflower

Day 29- Scilla


  1. Gorgeous drawings Jennifer. I might try and join in if I get the chance...! Have fun. Faye.

  2. Thanks so much! It would be lovely to have company on this journey! Have a beautiful day, Jennifer