Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fearless Reader

Who knew a little superhero would emerge today?  

This background was one of three I made from an explosive paint incident.  I have been wanting to do more with figures, and when I did, I wasn't fully happy that she was carrying a basic clutch.  So I turned it into a book and she seemed so confident, that the words seemed right.

Are you a fearless reader?  

I've been reading a lot on many topics, and plan to continue, so maybe if I was a superhero, this could be me...

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Warmest of Sunsets


This piece was a totally different painting that I have in my head, which I will paint, but soon into it, I realized this was coming out and it took a life of it's own.  Somehow I need to paint beautiful skies and mountain lines... why?  I can't say, except maybe because I love nature so much?

This colour scheme is new for me and I really like it.  I may keep playing with this. 

This week is the embodiment of the 2017 challenge- I had such a busy weekend, got home from after 7 hours at a fair in the sun, thought I might be too exhausted to paint, but started anyway, and this went so quick.  Hooray for giving yourself personal challenges for growth!

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Warrior For Peace

I have to admit that I started this as a background using up paint that I had left over.  I just wrote positive words all over and stenciled and went from there.  Since this year's challenge is about "doing it!" and moving forward (and learning from that!), I grabbed that unfinished background that was languishing in my pile of unfinished parts and went for it. 

The new scribble sticks from Dina Wakley are pretty fun!  I used the night and boysenberry shades and had fun using water to blend them.  Somehow as she immerged, two words were left: Namaste and peace.  I recently read a page in my evening yoga book which encourages us all to be active- a warrior for peace, so that just felt right as she was finalizing...

Have a beautiful week and maybe you can find that moment to be a peace warrior... 
because after all, Mother Teresa said,
"Peace begins with a smile."

Smile on.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Peaceful Sky

Hello!  I love Art Journaling Magazine and am always finding inspiration to get messy when I read it. This weekend after reading many articles I was reminded of how much I love to just spread paint, see the raw brush strokes and enjoy, without trying so hard.

I incorporated the scribbly writing across, as some art journal artists do. This time I felt like mirroring the writing three times, but with varying thickness of pens.  I like how it came out, kind of reminds me of reflections on rippling water, or how words sometimes echo in our minds...

For some reason these words came to me, and even though the sky is pretty dramatic here, the colours felt peaceful.  I've been deepening my yoga practice and am learning to connect to my breath and heartbeat to find peace, even when it isn't peaceful around me..

This colour scheme was simple, but it sings to me.  Wishing you a peaceful heart this week!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Within You And Without You

I had some ups and downs this week while painting.  One may become something totally different, which is yet to be seen.  I was trying a new technique, but am thinking I went overboard...  

This week's painting is one of three I started when the deep red paint squirted out VERY quickly.  I had so much paint to use up, so I incorporated it onto three newly gessoed pages.  One became an art journaling type piece, inspired by an old photo in the Drive Magazine and words I pulled from my collection.  The other I rolled with a polka dot roller and love the texture, but don't know what it is becoming yet.

I feel like  I see landscapes in so many of my paint swirls.  This piece became what it was when I went crazy with the birds and felt like leaving the girl see-through.  This was making me think of phrases like, "We are one" and "We are all interconnected", but then this quote from George Harrison's song came up (as it sometimes does) and there you go.

To our journey, the fun, the frustration and the finding peace with finishing.
Enjoy your week!