I am exploring with varied media and love watercolour, sumie, acrylic, art journaling, collage, just to name a few.  Soon you will be seeing my paintings on silk...  Exciting!

"Begin To Grow", Acrylic and hand made paper, 2016

"Bold and Present", acrylic and handmade paper, 2016

"There's Magic Afoot", ink and acrylic, 2016

 "Moonlight Wish", watercolour, 2016

"The Happiness Of Nature", watercolour and acrylic, 2016

"Bloom In The Moonlight", watercolour, 2016

"Wander, Your Compass Is Inside", watercolour and acrylic, 2016

"Dark Weeds"- ink and acrylic, 2016

"Drink the wild air"- ink, acrylic, and hand made paper on wood, 2016

"Forest Free"- Acrylic and ink, 2016

"Find Yourself In The Flowers" - Acrylic, 2016

 The flag I made for the International Silk Painters Anual Convention!
Dye on silk

"Chillin In The Weeds", Acrylic 2016
Everything mermaids after Jane Davenport's Vitamin Sea course- 
I HIGHLY recommend it!

"You Are Luminous", Acrylic and ink, 2016

"Garden Goddess", Watercolour, 2016

Mer-gypsy, watercolour and pastel pencils, 2016

 "Rain Vines in the Night", acrylic 2017

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