Saturday, January 7, 2017

Simplicity: The First Not-So-Precious-Saturday post!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have been pondering what my new creative steps would be for 2017, and I am excited to finally share my plans! 

When I began the 2106 Creative Quote challenge, my goal was to foster consistency, to ensure that I made creating a priority for myself, and I am proud of a full year of quotes! 

For this year I asked myself what I most need in order to go deeper, and I realized it is about not holding so tight to beautiful parts of the creative process so much that I become stuck and don't finish a piece. 

So- this year's challenge is called Not-So-Precious-Saturdays: to remember that each layer is a journey, and nothing is so precious that it stops me from moving forward or discovering the piece's full potential. It is also about saying I'm done to a piece, rather than putting it indefinitely on hold because I'm not quite sure how to proceed and am afraid to "ruin" it.

This piece: This is acrylic on wood with ink, stamping and a golden paper triangle.  I enjoyed leaving some of the wood showing through, and the word just felt like the right element and is so apropos for my life right now.  I am going for more intention, more discernment and less of what I don't fully believe in.  It was lovely working on this wood panel- so sleek and inviting!

I am looking forward to challenging myself to get messy this year, and I imagine some Creative Quotes will still be an added bonus here and there! Thanks for all of your support and feedback! 

Sending out lots of love!

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