Saturday, March 4, 2017

Carefree Courage

Hello!  This was one of those days where I went through a range of emotions- excitement, interest, despair, disgust, courageous, carefree, curious, unsure, almost stuck, brave and then happy and proud!

If you look on the Palmsprout Facebook feed, you'll see how this painting unfolded- how it had a beautiful warm background and then a beautiful little face, then a painting fiasco continue, and I did what I often envy other artists for- I bravely covered it almost entirely over with more ink...  In the end there are a bit here and there peaking through, but a totally new layer of darkness changed the direction.  

Interestingly, I made almost the exact face as a practice in my art journal, and she came out to be a lovely piece.  I guess it was all meant to be. 

Wishing you carefree courage in what ever you are trying (and failing) at this week!

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