Sunday, June 11, 2017

Psychedelic Branches

This piece is a fun direction I'm heading- painting on silk!  Today I volunteered with the San Diego Silk Guild at the San Diego Festival of the Arts and we offered a hands-on experience for all visitors.  It was fun to see all the creativity from different people- so diverse.

I hadn't planned to create there but then, when Suz suggested I paint one, I realized this is my Sunday's Not-So-Sacred offering, as I didn't think much, and just painted the gutta on, then mixed colours around the space and then mixed the grey purple for the leaves and was done!  I love that even though I finished, the salt continued to do it's magic- pulling the colours all over the place!

I can't wait to continue to explore painting on silk and I have so many ideas for my fall silk scarf line that will be coming out and available this year. (Here's a clue: organics and geometrics...)

Wishing you a beautiful week!

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