Monday, May 9, 2016

Just Float- And You May Just Figure It All Out

Don't swim.  Float

I love the simplicity of this quote.  How many times has life reminded us that trying too hard doesn't always bring for the most organic, genuine outcome.  (This goes with my continuous playing with letting go and seeing what emerges in the paint!)

Sometimes floating- going with the flow or taking a moment to let things set, is just what's needed.  The hard part can be to float, instead of steer...

About this painting:
I have been enjoying creating backgrounds using different techniques, and often have them waiting for the right top layer.  Very soon into this face, she had moons in her eyes.  I was enjoying the brush strokes of her windblown hair.  The flowers just seemed like they needed to be all over.  I wasn't quite finished, but I began looking for a quote, using various key words, such as wind, breeze, blowing, flowers and moon.  I found so many great quotes (for instance last week's!) but not quite the one that seemed to match this painting.  Then I tried the word floating (as in on the breeze), and then I realized!  She isn't standing in the wind, she is floating on the water and looking up at the moon!  Such a nice surprise, which now makes total sense!

Float on!

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