Monday, September 5, 2016

Life flows on...

Life flows on within you and without you.
~George Harrison

This quote always intrigues me and leaves me thinking of the layers it has to offer.  I am lucky to have a Mum who loved the Beatles, so that, growing up, I was able to find their "amazingness" and lay for hours listening and contemplating life.  I love them all, but George may have been my favourite.  He wrote some deep songs.  What does this quote mean to you?  Oh the possibilities...

This painting:
As with life, I had a different vision before I began, but this turned into something else entirely.  Both the piece still in my head, and the actual result are beautiful, so this keeps me painting.  I used an Aquaboard for this, and the possibility of the unknown is always the draw.  I added so much liquid- water and ink, that these abstract swirling trees flowed and this quote came to mind.  And so I decided to leave it as is and not try to embellish the flow.    (This is glittering and amazing in person, so I am realizing that I may need to take that Jane Davenport course where I learn to scan my images sooner than later...)  If you are ever nearby and want to see it in person, then that can be arranged... ;)

The other painting to go with the other quote may come to be on another day.

Enjoy the flow.

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