Monday, September 26, 2016

Drink in the night!

Dance beneath the stars as you drink in the night.
~Christy Ann Martine

It was the language that caught my eye for this quote.  I love the idea that you could drink it in so fully that you might become drunk on the night!  I have been realizing how much movement is important to keeping us fresh- dance, music, hiking, embodiment practices, etc.  And the stars are always out, no matter if we can see them or not, so anytime is a great time to dance and drink in your movement.

This painting:  Silhouettes seem such a simplified message, without getting too caught up in the details.  We can do that sometimes in life.  I also love ancient rock and cave paintings and etchings, and for this painting, I wanted to capture the movement and simplicity that those can convey.

I hope you find some movement and simplicity under the stars this week!

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