Monday, December 26, 2016

You Are Infinite Potential!

You are 
the infinite potential
of love, peace and joy.
~Amit Ray

This being my last Creative Quote for 2016, I wanted to end with something important.  

This piece: I used Daniel Smith watercolours, which are made from stones of the earth, which I love-  that direct connection to nature.  I also used stones I just collected at the ocean, today, as they are my infinite potential of becoming more crochet stones, which are my way of spreading love, peace and joy in the world.  Each are a little imperfect, as is this oval, which is part of their beauty.  

I hope they remind us of ourselves- 
beautifully imperfect, and full of potential 
for positive energy,calm and joy in the world.

Sending you and the world a positive and beautiful 2017!

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