Monday, January 25, 2016

What's the key?

The key to happiness is to look at what's right in your life.
~Author unknown

There are two ways to read this quote, as I realized after choosing it and thinking on it for a while.  Then I realized what it was probably meant to express, and I laughed.  I guess this reminds us that the lens through which you receive life is just your perspective at any given moment.

First, I was thinking that this quote's message is:  Look for what's right there in front of you in your life- at this moment- to find happiness.  I was on the bluff watching an overcast sunset when I was thinking about this quote and I noticed these lovely leaves.  I think if the sunset had been more spectacular, or I hadn't been so into drawing botanicals, I might have missed their beauty.

The second meaning I now can take from this quote reads...  Look for what's going right, instead of focusing on all that's wrong.  Another important message- one which keeps coming into my life!

I think it's beneficial to note that the wording here is active.  It could say "watch for" but when you are looking for something, you are seeking it.  This suggests vigilance.  I like the idea of being active in seeking out that which is positive in life, and staying present for the beauty right in front of you at any moment.

Stay vigilant!

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