Monday, February 1, 2016

Go Out and Find Ways To Express Yourself!

Talking about art is like dancing about architecture. 
 ~David Bowie

Of course I had to share a nod to such an interesting artist.  Some of my favourite songs are by David Bowie-for instance Under Pressure has a beautiful message.  When I saw this one, it made me think.  It's crazy, right?  What does it even mean?

Well, it reminds me of one of my favourite poems, by Loris Malaguzzi, which I feel represents how I feel about what children deserve and what teachers ought to be remembering.  The poem, No Way, The Hundred Is There, always reminds me to believe in the power of curiosity and wonder that children are born with.  And it reminds me to safeguard their right to have many forms of expression.

I feel like each of us is on a journey to find what is meaningful to us, and to try to share that, in our own way, with the world.  When we have many avenues for expression, it isn't as hard as when we have been told throughout life that we cannot draw, can't dance, can't write, can't do math, can't be...

I am almost 40 and still seeking new forms of expression.  This year I am drawing and painting up a storm and have so much to learn.  So, I'm out here, making mistakes, testing new possibilities and dancing with my paintbrush.  This piece is a testament of where I am now- acrylics, ink and still learning about it all.

So don't just talk about art, get out there and find yours.  

What do you have to say, and how will you express it daily?

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