Monday, October 3, 2016

Beautiful you

The world is full of beautiful things just like you.
~ Trudy Vesotsky

Isn't it?  I have been keeping a gratitude journal and write a stream of what I am grateful for each day.  The beauty of life is important to note and take time to appreciate.  I think this quote is also reminding us to not brush away what make you beautiful, but to remember to notice all the little things that make you special, too!  This is important and we sometimes have been trained to think honoring yourself is "selfish" but it isn't when it is done with authenticity and grace.

This painting: I had fun with spray inks and thought I overdid it but then this simple white idea came to me.  I used a geode coaster that we have to trace the not-so-perfect center space and doodled around with fun botanical motifs.  This quote just seemed a simple offering. 

I hope you remember your beauty this week and take time to appreciate yourself, 
as well as all the other beauty you see around you each day.  

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