Monday, October 24, 2016

Don't forget to love yourself!

Don't forget to love yourself.
~Soren Kierkegaard

It sounds so simple, but is it really easy?  It is a nice reminder and one to take a deeper look into.  Do my actions, words and intentions match this- do I really walk the talk and love myself in a healthy, reflective and forgiving way?  Maybe there's more to this skill than meets the eye, so this just might require more vigilance.

This painting:  I am having fun with these art journaling techniques I have learned from various courses.  These poncho girls are simple to create and it's interesting to see what their personalities are.  At first, these two seemed like friends, then maybe sisters, then I realized, just maybe it was the same girl, happily hugging herself.  We all need to keep this visual of giving ourselves a big hug.  From time to time it can come in handy when life throws a curve-ball.

Go forth and love yourself today and all this week, so that just maybe you'll internalize new levels of understanding for the one we can be the most hard on.

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