Sunday, April 2, 2017

Within You And Without You

I had some ups and downs this week while painting.  One may become something totally different, which is yet to be seen.  I was trying a new technique, but am thinking I went overboard...  

This week's painting is one of three I started when the deep red paint squirted out VERY quickly.  I had so much paint to use up, so I incorporated it onto three newly gessoed pages.  One became an art journaling type piece, inspired by an old photo in the Drive Magazine and words I pulled from my collection.  The other I rolled with a polka dot roller and love the texture, but don't know what it is becoming yet.

I feel like  I see landscapes in so many of my paint swirls.  This piece became what it was when I went crazy with the birds and felt like leaving the girl see-through.  This was making me think of phrases like, "We are one" and "We are all interconnected", but then this quote from George Harrison's song came up (as it sometimes does) and there you go.

To our journey, the fun, the frustration and the finding peace with finishing.
Enjoy your week!

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