Sunday, April 9, 2017

Peaceful Sky

Hello!  I love Art Journaling Magazine and am always finding inspiration to get messy when I read it. This weekend after reading many articles I was reminded of how much I love to just spread paint, see the raw brush strokes and enjoy, without trying so hard.

I incorporated the scribbly writing across, as some art journal artists do. This time I felt like mirroring the writing three times, but with varying thickness of pens.  I like how it came out, kind of reminds me of reflections on rippling water, or how words sometimes echo in our minds...

For some reason these words came to me, and even though the sky is pretty dramatic here, the colours felt peaceful.  I've been deepening my yoga practice and am learning to connect to my breath and heartbeat to find peace, even when it isn't peaceful around me..

This colour scheme was simple, but it sings to me.  Wishing you a peaceful heart this week!

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