Sunday, April 16, 2017

Warrior For Peace

I have to admit that I started this as a background using up paint that I had left over.  I just wrote positive words all over and stenciled and went from there.  Since this year's challenge is about "doing it!" and moving forward (and learning from that!), I grabbed that unfinished background that was languishing in my pile of unfinished parts and went for it. 

The new scribble sticks from Dina Wakley are pretty fun!  I used the night and boysenberry shades and had fun using water to blend them.  Somehow as she immerged, two words were left: Namaste and peace.  I recently read a page in my evening yoga book which encourages us all to be active- a warrior for peace, so that just felt right as she was finalizing...

Have a beautiful week and maybe you can find that moment to be a peace warrior... 
because after all, Mother Teresa said,
"Peace begins with a smile."

Smile on.

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