Monday, November 7, 2016

Be your own every-day goddess with your own positive self-talk


This is not a quote! What!?! But this is a direction I have been wanting to take and feel out for a while.  I love collecting words from magazines and then using them to create statements that are almost like mantras- to help and remind us of the power of our self-talk- which is vital to be checking for a positive life.  So here is me using the Creative Quote ritual to begin to branch out to other things that move and inspire me.  

I created this painting as an homage to all the young girls out there.  I love the idea of creating posters that girls can put up in their room to remind us of the types of qualities we want to foster and grow into to each be our own humble, caring and beautiful "every-day goddesses".  We will see where this leads to.  This one has a lot of pink, but only in her setting.  She is more dynamic than the typical princess girl persona, since she has nature in her hair and she is looking inward instead of worried so much about what the world thinks.

What do you think?  
Are you an everyday goddess working on your own mantra?  
I am.

Where ever you are and what every your mantra is, enjoy your week!

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