Monday, November 21, 2016

Watching for Lessons from Nature

Let nature be your teacher.
~William Wordsworth

This is so true.  It can be so helpful to come back to nature for guidance, and a lightning rod to lead you back to where you need to be.  Listen, look and be present to soak up the beauty and inspiration.  

This image: I had another piece in mind for today, but I was walking to meet my husband and the leaves and bark were all over in the blustery, beautiful weather.  This heart shaped hole was just perfect, so I went with it.  Love is everywhere, if you look for it.

Then, when I got home and went to take this photo, it began to sprinkle, adding to the natural texture of the photo!   Isn't nature just lovely?  

And nature's reminding us of life lessons every moment, so keep watching!

Enjoy your week! 

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