Sunday, August 7, 2016

Learning from each peak

Each fresh peak ascended teaches something.
~Sir Martin Convay

There is something about mountain lines for me this year.  You may have noticed it in many of my pieces...  Maybe it is the horizon- adding a bit of interest, but also it may be the implied challenge that we all seek.  The fading layers of earth can be so intriguing, and soothing at the same time.  

This year I have cultivated a more reflective life practice, and so looking back on the peak and identifying what you did learn is something I am working on.  

This painting:  
As I mentioned before I am having so much fun with watercolour.  For instance I purposely put salt in the yellow sky to suggest clouds and in the grass for texture.  But the splash type shape in the top mountain dried like that all on it's own.  Oh the surprises that creating brings.

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