Monday, August 15, 2016

Outside our comfort zone...

Step out of your comfort zone, for that is where the magic lives.
~Sofiah Thom

This week is inspired by two women who have been so amazing for me lately.  I have been taking a course called Temple Body Awakening, given by Sofiah Thom, and this quote was part of one of her latest Facebook post.  This year I have been taking many courses to keep me growing, and it is so true that when you try new things and get away from the usual, great things can happen.

This piece:
I am taking this fun and helpful course called Vitamin Sea, given by Jane Davenport.  This mermaid was inspired by one of the lessons.  This piece is much more luminous in person, as I have a thing for metallics, but that doesn't show through so well here...  but, just like this mermaid who is enjoying time on the land, I am trying new things and finding I love them!

Enjoy your week, Jennifer

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