Monday, August 22, 2016

Looking to the rhythm of nature

Wilting and transitoriness are part of the rhythm of nature.
~Happinez Magazine

For me this is a soothing reminder that there is an ebb and a flow to life.  Not everything can be all shiny stars and diamonds, sometimes the boring or dirty bits remind us of how sweet things can be.

This image:
One of these exact purple flowers made a cameo in one of my last Creative Quotes.  Now the bouquet is dead, but still holds a stark beauty to it.  I read this quote in one of my FAVOURITE magazines- Happinez.  It is full of inspirational articles and all types of colour and beauty from all over the world.  Through life's ebb and flow, it is lovely to have those things that keep you wondering, striving and appreciating the beauty of life- even if it is just a dead bit of baby's breath.  

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