Monday, August 8, 2016

The balance of colour play

Extremes are easy.  Strive for balance.
~Colin Wright

Still seeking balance.  I was actually looking for a quote with the word "mixture", "bleeding into" or "mixing", but I didn't quite find what I wanted to share about the play of these watercolours mixing on the paper.  So then I found another quote about balance, and there that word has returned again...  Just as I am about to begin a new school year.  I guess it is reminding me that there is always a chance to strive anew.  (You can see how easy extremes are, just by watching the political scene right now...)

This image-
When I was playing with circles in a watercolour course I took on Creativebug, I also had made this little crochet stone and loved the look of it on the painting.  This week I added one of the flowers from the blooms that Jason bought me. 

 I like that moment when you brush the edge of one circle to touch another.  The push and pull of the colours is often surprising- to see which flows in which direction, and which ends up dominating- and how it all dries in the end.  This reminds me of the precarious balance I am still seeking in my life- too much time for one thing and the whole circle is just red again, but a bit more balance and there you have may hues in one place...

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